5 Years of ABP: 2005

We’re entering our fifth year here at Amorphous Blob Productions and so we thought it might be fun to look all the way back to the beginning and do a retrospective on how far we’ve come.  We’re going to be covering one year of ABP history every few days.

Pre-2005: Before Amorphous Blob

Before 2005, I ran a clan called {SITH} in the PC game Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy . The clan had a machinima production division called {SITH} Guild Productions which was originally geared at creating clan promos. Over time, as we became more interested in telling stories than promoting the clan, we began to make narrative films. It was around this time, during the making of a film called The Legend of Solaris, that drivel became my main conspirator and second hand man. He served as the main ingame actor and the principle creative advisor on the project. Soon, drivel’s brother, Pickle, joined the team as well.
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ABP Update 01-20-2010

I just got back from beautiful, sunny Costa Rica and thought I’d update everyone about what’s happening at ABP.

We are well into post-production on our sci-fi/crime project. Talented Moviestorm machinimator and voice actor Jorge Campos has joined the voice cast along with professional actor Joe Thomas. Tommy Kraft is also working on some visual effects for the film. Very soon we will be moving into the last stages of post-production which includes music scoring, sound design, and some tweaking of the visuals.

Here is another teaser image from the film. The man in the chair is the main character, Howard Grant:

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Stop, Rewind: A Work in Progress

Here is a teaser image from our new machinima in development:

Stop, Rewind preview 3

All we can say right now is that it will be a short sci-fi/crime film about 6 minutes in length. Production is complete and we are currently finishing up visual effects and casting. The movie will also have an original score written by ABP’s own Tommy Kraft.  Check back for more updates!

Amorphous Blob v2.0

ABP has joined 1999 and started a blog, but since we’re new to all this newfangled tech we’re going to need a lot of feedback. Let us know what works, what sucks, and what we’re missing.

Status Update

– I’m finally launching this blog, but I’ll be revising the overall look and feel as I get feedback. I’m aware that it’s a bit cluttered at the moment.

– Nefarious just wrapped up filming a new short. Editing should be completed within the next few days with audio and voice work to follow. Maybe we’ll post some teasers soon.

– Spock* is fighting the good fight in Afghanistan. We wish him well.

We plan to keep this site up-to-date with all the latest project news and anything else you peeps want. Happy 2010 from ABP!

* Spock is an editor and creative advisor for ABP, not the pointy-eared guy from Star Trek.