Drone — A Work in Progress

The next ABP film will be Drone, a machinima that I’m making as my senior honors project at Brown University. The movie is a drama that explores some of the ethical/moral and psychological questions raised by the emergence of armed unmanned aerial vehicles (such as the predator drone), which are changing the face of warfare.

William Haskell is one of the best at the U.S. Air Force videogame American Drone Warrior. His skills catch the attention of Colonel Jeffrey Stevens who recruits him into an experimental predator drone unit that performs remote strikes in Afghanistan from Nevada. But after a mission goes terribly wrong, Haskell’s unquestioning faith in the system is shaken and he is thrown down a mental spiral where the line between videogame and reality begins to blur…

If you’re interested, check out the Drone Production Blog where I will be posting updates on the development of the project over the next few months.

ABP Release: Shelf Life

After a few months of casting, rehearsing, and preparation, one very long day of shooting, and a week of intense editing, ABP is finally ready to release our new live action film, Shelf Life.

Shelf Life

The film was shot on a Canon 7D as a final project for an advanced film/video class at Brown University. It stars two very talented actors, Dennis Kozee and Josh Wallace, who I was extremely lucky to be able to work with on this project. It also features a short musical theme that I wrote.

We hope you enjoy the film!

Phil is a shady businessman grooming Lenny, a recent college grad, for the accountant position left vacant by the mysterious death of Lenny’s brother Frank. On the day of Lenny’s graduation, Phil arranges a meeting between Lenny and The Boss in order to officially induct him into the organization. But, Lenny suspects that the company may be hiding a terrible secret about his brother’s fate.

YouTube | Vimeo | ABP

Expo GMOD Presentation Online

My GMOD Machinima presentation created for the 2010 Machinima Expo is now online. The video is a basic intro to some of the simple techniques that we use here at ABP to make our GMOD films. We hope that our video shows that GMOD machinima does not have to be hard or even very technically oriented and anyone can make a great machinima using this robust and versatile tool.

You can check out the video here: http://vimeo.com/16404257

Stop, Rewind @ Atopic Festival

We’re thrilled to announce that Stop, Rewind has been selected as one of 23 machinima films to be screened at the 2010 Atopic Festival in Paris!

Stop, Rewind release promo

This is the second time an ABP film has been shown at Atopic (Clockwork was selected last year) and we’re excited to be part of the festival again.

Congratulations to all the other selected films!

Clockwise: Part 1 Wins Jury Prize @ Machinima Expo!

The 2010 International Machinima Expo took place online over the weekend and Clockwise: Part 1 was awarded one of the Jury Prizes! This was the first ever festival screening of the film.

Clockwise: Part 1

The award is a huge honor and will definitely motivate us to continue working on the series.  The other Jury Nominees were fantastic and we were thrilled just to be nominated among them.

Check out the list of winning films here: http://machiniplex.net/expo/

My GMOD presentation also went well and was a lot of fun. There was a good turnout and some great questions during the Q&A. If you missed it, the video will be online sometime soon.

The Expo was extremely impressive and the organizers should be very proud. The weekend was filled with great machinima screenings and presentations about Moviestorm, Muvizu, iClone, screenwriting, sound design, and lots more. I wish I could have gone to everything!

Looking forward to next year!