Drone — A Work in Progress

The next ABP film will be Drone, a machinima that I’m making as my senior honors project at Brown University. The movie is a drama that explores some of the ethical/moral and psychological questions raised by the emergence of armed unmanned aerial vehicles (such as the predator drone), which are changing the face of warfare.

William Haskell is one of the best at the U.S. Air Force videogame American Drone Warrior. His skills catch the attention of Colonel Jeffrey Stevens who recruits him into an experimental predator drone unit that performs remote strikes in Afghanistan from Nevada. But after a mission goes terribly wrong, Haskell’s unquestioning faith in the system is shaken and he is thrown down a mental spiral where the line between videogame and reality begins to blur…

If you’re interested, check out the Drone Production Blog where I will be posting updates on the development of the project over the next few months.

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