ABP’s First Film of 2010: Stop, Rewind

ABP is proud to present our latest machinima, Stop, Rewind. This sci-fi crime film stars Moviestorm machinimator Jorge Campos and professional actor Joe Thomas and features an incredible original score from our own Tommy Kraft. The story follows Howard Grant, a convicted murderer who’s given a second chance when he’s recruited as a test subject for an experimental machine.

Stop, Rewind release promo

Stop, Rewind is our first machinima release since Clockwork and also our first ever HD machinima! In the coming days, we’ll be uploading and promoting the film on various websites. We hope you enjoy the film and please leave some comments! We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Also, look out for our upcoming post about the making of the film.

Stop, Rewind poster

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  1. Jacob

    My friend Joe Thomas was nice enough to tell about the work he did on this.
    Very good! As a pro voice actor/semi-pro sound engineer myself, I won’t comment on the visual aspect of the movie, instead allow me to applaud the music and soundeffects work, very well done! However, the dialogue could use some realism, it sounds very “dubbed in a studio” – to clean, doesn’t really sound like they are in a stonewalled basement or control room.

    Otherwise, very cool video, thrilling story, interesting plot, awesome ending!


    February 26th, 2010 at 4:00pm - reply

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