ABP Update 05-17-2010

Things may have seemed quiet around here at ABP, but we’ve been as busy as ever!

Ivy Film Festival 2010

This year I was co-programming director of the Ivy Film Festival, the largest student-run student film festival in the United States.  I, co-director Zack Bornstein, and our programming staff were in charge of going through all film submissions, making the final selections for the festival, and choosing the winners. It was an incredibily rewarding experience and we had a great crop of films from talented filmmakers all over the world. For the third year in a row, the Ivy Film Festival also included a machinima segment (the Ivy Film Festival Machinima Competition) which took place online at Machinima.com. The panel of judges included Michael Nitsche (Georgia Tech machinima professor), Barbara Meier (Brown University animation professor), and award-winning machinima directors Phil “Overman” Rice and Kevin “Xanatos” Cianek. These judges determined the winner of the Jury Prize—Darren by Chat Noir Studios.

Ivy Film Festival Machinima Competition

The rest of the festival took place from April 13-18 on the campus of Brown University and included student screenings, pre-release films from Sundance, and panel discussions with industry insiders.

Among the attendees were machinima directors Piece “Shippidge” Shipp (2009 IFF Machinima Contest Audience Choice Winner) and Kate Lee and Sherwin Liu of Chat Noir Studios (2010 IFF Machinima Contest Jury Award Winner).

ABP and Other Releases

We have been working on a variety of films in different mediums.

  • Remote Warriors: This is a mashup video I made for a class at Brown University called Open Source Culture. The movie uses video and audio clips from a variety of sources to construct a video-essay about remotely piloted drone warfare and how this new technology is blurring the line between actual warfare and gaming.
  • Clockwise: Part 1: Ricky completed the sound work and it is fantastic! Tommy Kraft is doing some finishing touches on a few special effects shots. Once he is done the film will be ready for release.
  • The Pattern and God Complex: These are two live-action films I completed for a beginning film class at Brown University. They will be the first live-action films released under the ABP name. God Complex uses an Alec Baldwin monologue from the movie Malice to create a quick character sketch about a narcissistic surgeon who believes he is God. The Pattern was my final project for the film class and is written and directed by me and scored by Tommy Kraft. It is a psychological crime movie about a man tracking a serial killer. More details on the film later. Both films star my friend Mike Johnson and will be released shortly.

The Pattern

Personal Updates

We’re really excited that ABP member Michael “Spock” Pleasant is about to complete his tour of duty in Afghanistan and is expected to return this week. Congratulations, Spock! We are very proud of him and his service and are looking forward to working with him again on Clockwise: Part 2 this summer. He is an invaluable part of the team and we will be very happy to have him back!

I’m done with school for the year and home for the summer, so we are hoping to get a lot of machinima work done.

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