ABP Release: Waiting On A Miracle Music Video

After a lot of hard work, we are so excited to finally announce the release of our latest machinima project, a music video for Tommy Kraft’s original song Waiting On A Miracle.

For this project, I wanted to try something different from the type of films I have been making the last few years, which have relied heavily on dialogue. I wanted to go outside my comfort zone and challenge myself to tell a story entirely through visuals and music. I asked my friend Tommy Kraft, who has scored numerous ABP films, whether I could make a narrative music video based around one of his songs. He sent me “Waiting On A Miracle” and we worked closely to develop three micro-stories that would reflect the melancholy themes and tone of the song.

We hope you enjoy it!

“An astronaut desperately searching for his wife on an alien world. An office drone suffering the pain of a crumbling marriage. A mother trying to cope with the aftermath of a tragic accident. They are all waiting on a miracle.”

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