ABP Release: Shelf Life

After a few months of casting, rehearsing, and preparation, one very long day of shooting, and a week of intense editing, ABP is finally ready to release our new live action film, Shelf Life.

Shelf Life

The film was shot on a Canon 7D as a final project for an advanced film/video class at Brown University. It stars two very talented actors, Dennis Kozee and Josh Wallace, who I was extremely lucky to be able to work with on this project. It also features a short musical theme that I wrote.

We hope you enjoy the film!

Phil is a shady businessman grooming Lenny, a recent college grad, for the accountant position left vacant by the mysterious death of Lenny’s brother Frank. On the day of Lenny’s graduation, Phil arranges a meeting between Lenny and The Boss in order to officially induct him into the organization. But, Lenny suspects that the company may be hiding a terrible secret about his brother’s fate.

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