5 Years of ABP: 2010

We have a big year planned for ABP!

In January, drivel launched the redesigned ABP website. It is the third website drivel has created for Amorphous Blob.

We also dug up an old script I had written for a 5-minute sci-fi/crime machinima called Stop, Rewind. I discussed the script with drivel and Tommy Kraft, and after debating over several different ending possibilities, we finally settled on an idea that everyone liked. We immediately began an intense production schedule with long hours of shooting and completed production a few weeks later. All of the voice acting is done and the film is edit locked. I’ve also added a ton of tinting effects and visual tweaks.  In addition,  Tommy has recently finished up a fantastic original score.  Tommy will soon begin work on the sound design, which is the last step in the process.  If all goes well, we’re hoping to release the film before the end of February.

Stop, Rewind preview 2
Post-production on Clockwise: Part 1 is also wrapping up. Phil Rice has completed an original score for the movie, including two original songs performed by Phil himself! Ricky Grove is hard at work on the sound design and sound editing. You can expect to see this film sometime after the release of Stop, Rewind.

Frank Sorelli pointing a gun at the camera.

Later this year I will hopefully be filming ABP’s first live-action film, Business as Usual.  The script is complete, but I don’t want to give too much away. All I will say right now is that it is a suspenseful 5-minute crime film about a paranoid gangster.

In addition, we’re hoping to begin work on Clockwise: Part 2 this summer and we’re thinking about making a fourth Officer Dan film at some point this year. We have a bunch of ideas floating around for Dan 4, but none has been chosen yet.  We are also considering using Stop, Rewind as the first film in a Twilight Zone-ish series of unrelated sci-fi shorts. We’ll keep you updated!

This year is going to be very exciting for ABP! Thanks for reading and if you are interested in helping out with any of our future projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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