5 Years of ABP: 2009

2009 was the first year since the founding of ABP when we didn’t release a single machinima. This happened for several reasons. First of all, college work had severely limited the amount of time I could spend making machinima. Secondly, we were hard at work on Clockwise, the epic sequel to Clockwork. I wrote Clockwise as a 45-page script, but we planned to cut it up into five 10-minute episodes and ultimately recombine them. We filmed much of Clockwise: Part 1 during the summer of 2008, but after reading some excellent critiques from Ricky and Phil, decided to reshoot sections of the film. School got in the way and we didn’t finish production until the end of summer 2009. We released a poster and a trailer but Ricky (who was doing sound design) and Phil (who was writing the score) became swamped with work so we put the film on hold until 2010.

Clockwise: Part 1 delayed

After the success of Clockwork, drivel thought that ABP needed a slicker, more professional look, so he began designing a new ABP website in 2009.

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