5 Years of ABP: 2008

I had always been interested in the crime/gangster genre, but in the summer of 2007 I fully immersed myself in it. I watched classic noir like Double Indemnity and modern gangster classics like Pulp Fiction and Goodfellas. It was after watching Goodfellas that I was inspired to write the script for Clockwork and after almost a year of on-and-off work the film was finally completed in April 2008. It was the most intense filming experience we had ever gone through, but it paid off in the end.

Due to the hard work of ABP members and the immense talent and helpful advice of Ricky Grove and Phil Rice, Clockwork became our most successful festival film ever. It ultimately won Machinima.com’s Molotov Alva Machinima Contest and the award for Best Machinima at the 2008 Animatu Festival. In addition, the film has been screened at numerous machinima and animation festivals all over the world.

Clockwork (2008)

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