5 Years of ABP: 2007

2007 was a very momentous year for ABP. We won our first major award (Best Student Machinima at Machinima Europe for Machinima! With Officer Dan) and completed our last Jedi Academy film, The Parable of Foot-in-Mouth, which was our first collaboration with Ricky Grove, who narrated the film. From then on, we produced films entirely within the Source engine.

We also entered two Machinima.com trailer competitions–the Bourne Ultimatum Trailer Contest and The Invasion Trailer Contest. These films were our first Half Life 2 Garry’s Mod machinima. Our entry for The Invasion made it into the top ten, but ultimately did not win. However, we were luckier with our Bourne trailer which won first place and our first cash prize which was split among the team.

Later that year we returned to Officer Dan and completed the third film in the series, Machinima! With Officer Dan: Machinima vs. Frag. Tommy Kraft wrote the score, which was essentially a new version of the Mac vs. PC theme.

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