5 Years of ABP: 2006

In 2006 we submitted Star Wars Gangsta Rap: JKA Edition to Machinimasia, the first machinima festival in Asia. Our machinima won 1st Runner Up Best Student Film, losing first place to Ross Scott’s Civil Protection.  Although it was a second place win, it was ABP’s first machinima award and we were immensely excited. The win motivated us to continue to improve our work.

We then became a subdivision of Hyperdrive, a popular two-man Jedi Academy machinima group known for its high production values. Under the Hyperdrive name, ABP produced The Anger of the Guns, a WWII music video filmed online in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.  Meanwhile, one of the Hyperdrive members created ABP’s current animated intro logo. However, the guy in charge of Hyperdrive didn’t like our film and was upset that we were not making Star Wars films, so he rudely kicked us out of the company without warning. ABP was independent once more.

Hyperdrive logo
In the summer of 2006, I served as an intern/machinima consultant to the Tribeca Film Festival, which was interested in learning about the emerging art-form. Since I was fairly new to the machinima community, I immersed myself in hours of machinima films, websites, articles, and podcasts like The Overcast and Machinima Live. After several weeks of this machinima crash course, I put together a fairly comprehensive PowerPoint presentation to introduce the festival executives to machinima.  Then I realized it would probably be a lot more fun to start the presentation off with a short, funny introductory video. So, I took the first few slides that defined machinima, gave a basic overview of machinima history, etc. and turned it into Machinima! With Officer Dan.  I ultimately decided the film might be a little too bloody to show to the festival executives so I made a cleaner version to show at the presentation.  The presentation was a success and everyone seemed to like the video.  A few days later, ABP released the original cut of Machinima! With Officer Dan on YouTube and Machinima.com.

Dan teaches machinima with a pistol.

Around this time Drivel also launched the new ABP website that he had been designing and Tommy Kraft joined ABP as a composer.

Machinima! With Officer Dan: Street Talkin’ started out as an entry for a promotional video contest for the 2006 Machinima Festival in New York City. When we realized we didn’t have enough time to make the deadline, we transformed the film into an episode of the Officer Dan series. Meanwhile, we submitted Machinima! With Officer Dan to the Machinima Festival.

Joey faces off with Officer Dan.

That year, Machinima! With Officer Dan was nominated for a Mackie for Best Off-the-Shelf Machinima. We had finally accomplished our goal of getting one of ABP’s films into the same festival that had inspired the formation of our group in the first place. I was the only ABP member in attendance at the festival, but I had a great time and met a lot of machinima filmmakers and community members.  However, we ended up not winning the award that year.

2006 Machinima Awards Nominee

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