5 Years of ABP: 2005

We’re entering our fifth year here at Amorphous Blob Productions and so we thought it might be fun to look all the way back to the beginning and do a retrospective on how far we’ve come.  We’re going to be covering one year of ABP history every few days.

Pre-2005: Before Amorphous Blob

Before 2005, I ran a clan called {SITH} in the PC game Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy . The clan had a machinima production division called {SITH} Guild Productions which was originally geared at creating clan promos. Over time, as we became more interested in telling stories than promoting the clan, we began to make narrative films. It was around this time, during the making of a film called The Legend of Solaris, that drivel became my main conspirator and second hand man. He served as the main ingame actor and the principle creative advisor on the project. Soon, drivel’s brother, Pickle, joined the team as well.

The Legend of Solaris

Later on, Spock joined the team as an in-game actor and voice actor.  The films we made were pretty bad, but we didn’t mind because we were having fun.  At the time, we had no idea that what we were making was called “machinima” and that it was a wider phenomenon involving many other games.

2005: Birth of Amorphous Blob

In August 2005 I stumbled across a New York Times article called “The Xbox Auteurs”. It was about Red vs. Blue and seemed to be describing exactly what me and my team had been doing for years—using games to create animated films. The article referred to this art-form as “machinima” so I excitedly googled the word and quickly discovered that there was a vibrant machinima community on Machinima.com, machinima festivals, and tons of people all over the world making machinima.  That November I decided to attend the 2005 Machinima Film Festival in New York City to get an idea of what great machinima looks like. My mind was blown by what I saw. The festival was extraordinary and the films were fantastic. I came out of the festival both crushed and exhilarated. Crushed because I finally realized how darn bad my films were and exhilarated because I now had a goal. I admired machinima like Terran Gregory’s and Ezra Ferguson’s Return and Jason Choi’s Only The Strong Survive with their beautiful cinematography and incredibly high production values. I promised myself that one day I’d make a film worthy of this machinima festival. It was time to get serious about machinima production!

I left the {SITH} clan and started a new production group with drivel, Spock, and a few others from {SITH} Guild Productions. Drivel came up with a catchy new name, designed a new logo, and launched the first ABP website. Amorphous Blob Productions was born!

Amorphous Blob Productions logo.

Our first machinima under our new name was Star Wars Gangsta Rap: JKA Edition. We took the song (with permission) from the popular flash animation Star Wars Gangsta Rap and made a machinima version in Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy.  To this day, the machinima remains our most popular film in terms of views (mostly due to the fact that it featured the famous song by BentTV).  It was during the making of this film that PowerDusk and Mace Solo (the future voice of Officer Dan) joined ABP.

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