Nefarious Guy (Harrison Heller) is an award-winning machinima director and co-founder of Amorphous Blob Productions. He recently graduated from Brown University with a BA in Modern Culture & Media.

5 Years of ABP: 2010

We have a big year planned for ABP!

In January, drivel launched the redesigned ABP website. It is the third website drivel has created for Amorphous Blob.

We also dug up an old script I had written for a 5-minute sci-fi/crime machinima called Stop, Rewind. I discussed the script with drivel and Tommy Kraft, and after debating over several different ending possibilities, we finally settled on an idea that everyone liked. We immediately began an intense production schedule with long hours of shooting and completed production a few weeks later. All of the voice acting is done and the film is edit locked. I’ve also added a ton of tinting effects and visual tweaks.  In addition,  Tommy has recently finished up a fantastic original score.  Tommy will soon begin work on the sound design, which is the last step in the process.  If all goes well, we’re hoping to release the film before the end of February.

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5 Years of ABP: 2009

2009 was the first year since the founding of ABP when we didn’t release a single machinima. This happened for several reasons. First of all, college work had severely limited the amount of time I could spend making machinima. Secondly, we were hard at work on Clockwise, the epic sequel to Clockwork. I wrote Clockwise as a 45-page script, but we planned to cut it up into five 10-minute episodes and ultimately recombine them. We filmed much of Clockwise: Part 1 during the summer of 2008, but after reading some excellent critiques from Ricky and Phil, decided to reshoot sections of the film. School got in the way and we didn’t finish production until the end of summer 2009. We released a poster and a trailer but Ricky (who was doing sound design) and Phil (who was writing the score) became swamped with work so we put the film on hold until 2010.

Clockwise: Part 1 delayed

After the success of Clockwork, drivel thought that ABP needed a slicker, more professional look, so he began designing a new ABP website in 2009.

5 Years of ABP: 2008

I had always been interested in the crime/gangster genre, but in the summer of 2007 I fully immersed myself in it. I watched classic noir like Double Indemnity and modern gangster classics like Pulp Fiction and Goodfellas. It was after watching Goodfellas that I was inspired to write the script for Clockwork and after almost a year of on-and-off work the film was finally completed in April 2008. It was the most intense filming experience we had ever gone through, but it paid off in the end.

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5 Years of ABP: 2007

2007 was a very momentous year for ABP. We won our first major award (Best Student Machinima at Machinima Europe for Machinima! With Officer Dan) and completed our last Jedi Academy film, The Parable of Foot-in-Mouth, which was our first collaboration with Ricky Grove, who narrated the film. From then on, we produced films entirely within the Source engine.

We also entered two trailer competitions–the Bourne Ultimatum Trailer Contest and The Invasion Trailer Contest. These films were our first Half Life 2 Garry’s Mod machinima. Our entry for The Invasion made it into the top ten, but ultimately did not win. However, we were luckier with our Bourne trailer which won first place and our first cash prize which was split among the team.

Later that year we returned to Officer Dan and completed the third film in the series, Machinima! With Officer Dan: Machinima vs. Frag. Tommy Kraft wrote the score, which was essentially a new version of the Mac vs. PC theme.

5 Years of ABP: 2006

In 2006 we submitted Star Wars Gangsta Rap: JKA Edition to Machinimasia, the first machinima festival in Asia. Our machinima won 1st Runner Up Best Student Film, losing first place to Ross Scott’s Civil Protection.  Although it was a second place win, it was ABP’s first machinima award and we were immensely excited. The win motivated us to continue to improve our work.

We then became a subdivision of Hyperdrive, a popular two-man Jedi Academy machinima group known for its high production values. Under the Hyperdrive name, ABP produced The Anger of the Guns, a WWII music video filmed online in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.  Meanwhile, one of the Hyperdrive members created ABP’s current animated intro logo. However, the guy in charge of Hyperdrive didn’t like our film and was upset that we were not making Star Wars films, so he rudely kicked us out of the company without warning. ABP was independent once more.

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