Nefarious Guy (Harrison Heller) is an award-winning machinima director and co-founder of Amorphous Blob Productions. He recently graduated from Brown University with a BA in Modern Culture & Media.

The Pattern (2010)

Robert Bigham is a man fascinated by patterns. His latest obsession is an elusive serial killer the local papers have dubbed “The Gas Mask Killer”, but as Bigham begins to unravel the mystery behind the murders, the truth may be more than he can handle…

Starring Mike Johnson. Original score by Tommy Kraft.

ABP Update 05-17-2010

Things may have seemed quiet around here at ABP, but we’ve been as busy as ever!

Ivy Film Festival 2010

This year I was co-programming director of the Ivy Film Festival, the largest student-run student film festival in the United States.  I, co-director Zack Bornstein, and our programming staff were in charge of going through all film submissions, making the final selections for the festival, and choosing the winners. It was an incredibily rewarding experience and we had a great crop of films from talented filmmakers all over the world. For the third year in a row, the Ivy Film Festival also included a machinima segment (the Ivy Film Festival Machinima Competition) which took place online at The panel of judges included Michael Nitsche (Georgia Tech machinima professor), Barbara Meier (Brown University animation professor), and award-winning machinima directors Phil “Overman” Rice and Kevin “Xanatos” Cianek. These judges determined the winner of the Jury Prize—Darren by Chat Noir Studios.

Ivy Film Festival Machinima Competition

The rest of the festival took place from April 13-18 on the campus of Brown University and included student screenings, pre-release films from Sundance, and panel discussions with industry insiders.

Among the attendees were machinima directors Piece “Shippidge” Shipp (2009 IFF Machinima Contest Audience Choice Winner) and Kate Lee and Sherwin Liu of Chat Noir Studios (2010 IFF Machinima Contest Jury Award Winner). Continue Reading »

IFF Machinima Competition 2010

I am one of the two programming directors for this year’s Ivy Film Festival, a student run student film festival (now in its 9th year) held on the campus of Brown University every April. This year marks the 3rd annual Ivy Film Festival Student Machinima Competition @,  one of the few machinima competitions that caters exclusively to students. The site has recently gone live and is open for submissions. is offering two fantastic prizes—$250 Audience Choice Award and $500 Jury Prize.  The submission deadline is March 21st so submit your work ASAP!

Ivy Film Festival

The competition is accepting machinima from any year, as long as it was made while the machinimator was a high school, college, or graduate student. Audience voting will whittle down the entries into a top ten. A second round of voting will determine the winner of the Audience Choice Award and a jury of machinima and media specialists will decide the winner of the Jury Prize. Both winners will be screened at the Ivy Film Festival in April.

This is a very exciting opportunity for student machinimators and I’m looking forward to seeing the submissions!

ABP’s First Film of 2010: Stop, Rewind

ABP is proud to present our latest machinima, Stop, Rewind. This sci-fi crime film stars Moviestorm machinimator Jorge Campos and professional actor Joe Thomas and features an incredible original score from our own Tommy Kraft. The story follows Howard Grant, a convicted murderer who’s given a second chance when he’s recruited as a test subject for an experimental machine.

Stop, Rewind release promo

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Stop, Rewind (2010)

A convicted murderer is given a second chance when he’s recruited as a test subject for an experimental machine.

Starring Jorge Campos and Joe Thomas. Original music and sound design by Tommy Kraft.