Nefarious Guy (Harrison Heller) is an award-winning machinima director and co-founder of Amorphous Blob Productions. He recently graduated from Brown University with a BA in Modern Culture & Media.

Clockwise: Part 1 @ 2011 DragonCon Film Festival

Over the weekend, Clockwise: Part 1 was screened at the machinima segment of this year’s DragonCon Film Festival! This is the fourth year an ABP film has been screened at DragonCon and we are so thrilled to be part of this fantastic festival once again!

Clockwise: Part 1

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the event but my friend and fellow machinimator Damien Valentine told me he had a blast. Maybe next time!

DragonCon has maintained a machinima section now for 5 consecutive years due to the hard work and dedication of Tina “Romily” Rollins. Thanks, Romily, for keeping this great venue alive for machinimators. I look forward to future fests!

Waiting On A Miracle Music Video — Coming Soon

I have been very busy the last few weeks working on the official machinima music video for Tommy Kraft’s song, Waiting On A Miracle. Tommy is a talented composer who has scored many ABP films including The Pattern, Stop, Rewind and most recently, Drone. However, I was interested in reversing the process and trying a project where I would have to build a narrative film around one of his original songs. My goal for this video was to tell three mini-stories over the span of 6 minutes solely through the visuals and the music. These mini-stories were inspired by the themes of the song and attempt to complement the song’s melancholy tone.

This project brings ABP back to its roots. The first ABP film was the machinima music video Star Wars: Gangsta Rap: JKA Edition released in 2005.

The Waiting On A Miracle music video has been completed and will be released on YouTube and Vimeo on Wednesday, September 14th at 12am. The song will be released on iTunes at this time.  I had a lot of fun making this project, which will hopefully be the first of a series of machinima music videos featuring the music of Tommy Kraft.

An astronaut desperately searching for his wife on an alien world. An office drone suffering the pain of a crumbling marriage. A mother trying to cope with the aftermath of a tragic accident. They are all waiting on a miracle.

Drone and Stop, Rewind @ Hell’s Kitchen Film Festival

More great festival news! Both Drone and Stop, Rewind will be screened at the 2011 Hell’s Kitchen Film Festival in NYC!

Stop, Rewind (2010)

This festival is particularly exciting for me because I live nearby and will be able to attend (something I have been unable to do with nearly all of the other festivals). It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Drone (2011)

Haskell is a top-scoring gamer recruited into the U.S. Air Force as a predator drone pilot. But after a mission goes terribly wrong, the system he trusted begins to unravel before his eyes.

Starring Dennis Kozee, Arik Beatty, and Joe Thomas.

Original music and sound design by Tommy Kraft.

Stop, Rewind and Clockwise: Part 1 @ FILE 2011

Wow, we just keep getting more and more awesome news! Both Stop, Rewind and Clockwise: Part 1 will be screened at the 2011 FILE Electronic Language International Festival in Brazil! Although Clockwise: Part 1 was screened online at last year’s MachiniExpo, this event will mark the first time that the film is screened at a physical festival.

Frank Sorelli pointing a gun at the camera.

They screened Clockwork last year and we’re so excited to be part of this great event once again!