Michael Richards is a co-founder of Amorphous Blob. Charged with the role of web developer, he also serves as a creative adviser, graphic artist, and jack-of-all-trades.

Amorphous Blob now has a forum! And a new design.

I’ve been working on the site behind the scenes for a while, and I thought it was time to finally make it public. The entire site now fills up more of the browser window and the content area was widened. We’ve also added a new forum. The forum theme is temporary until I can create a new one that more closely follows the design of the blog.

New Design


  • – WordPress updated to v3.1.
  • Clockwise promotional header.
  • – Informational author pages.
  • – Better use of contrast.
  • – Featured movie in sidebar.
  • – You can now reply to specific comments.
  • – Smaller images on the Movies page for simpler viewing.
  • – And more!

I hope you enjoy the new design and join us on the forum.

Amorphous Blob v2.1

After the blog was launched I immediately began working on the next iteration of Amorphous Blob’s design. I applied my newfound knowledge (and WordPress v2.9’s new features) in the creation of the current theme. Here’s a quick rundown of the improvements:

New Header

The new header image promotes our upcoming movie Stop, Rewind. It has much softer colors to prevent distracting users from the content.

Increased Readability

The new layout is loosely based on the 960 grid system, resulting in a much larger content space and an increase in readability. The overall design is also much more visually appealing and consistent.

Cleaner Code

With the experience I gained with the first theme and a clearer idea of the desired features, I was able to keep the code much shorter and cleaner overall.

The site will continue to evolve as time goes on. I hope you all enjoy the new theme and have a happy Valentine’s Day.

Update: I fixed a bug that prevented IE from displaying the page.

Amorphous Blob v2.0

ABP has joined 1999 and started a blog, but since we’re new to all this newfangled tech we’re going to need a lot of feedback. Let us know what works, what sucks, and what we’re missing.

Status Update

– I’m finally launching this blog, but I’ll be revising the overall look and feel as I get feedback. I’m aware that it’s a bit cluttered at the moment.

– Nefarious just wrapped up filming a new short. Editing should be completed within the next few days with audio and voice work to follow. Maybe we’ll post some teasers soon.

– Spock* is fighting the good fight in Afghanistan. We wish him well.

We plan to keep this site up-to-date with all the latest project news and anything else you peeps want. Happy 2010 from ABP!

* Spock is an editor and creative advisor for ABP, not the pointy-eared guy from Star Trek.