Facade – First Look

Post-production continues on Facade, our upcoming live-action short, as we inch closer to completion.

Tommy Kraft has been working hard on the color correction with direction from me and DP Darrell Ayer.  The color correction process is well on its way with about 75% of the shots more or less finalized. Below are some color graded stills from the first two scenes of the movie. We hope you enjoy!

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As Replica Wraps, Facade Enters Post-Production

Wow, its been a while since my last post! Here are some quick updates:

Replica, a short sci-fi film I co-wrote and edited, is in the final stages of post-production. Hopefully, I can post a link here soon. I’ve been busy designing all the Kickstarter rewards (postcards, posters, dvd cover, etc).

I just finished production on Facade, a short film I wrote and directed. I had a really great time working with the talented cast and crew! I can’t thank you guys enough! This was also the first time I had a DP (Darrell Ayer), which was awesome. I’m currently knee deep in post-production and am hoping to have the film ready for release by the end of the month. In the mean time, below is a brief synopsis and some stills from the film (no color correction yet).

Roy, a successful businessman, pays a visit to David, his ne’er-do-well brother, on the night of their father’s death.  But Roy isn’t all that he seems to be and his confession of a dark family secret could change both their lives forever.

Drone @ 2012 Fort Myers Film Festival

Drone has been accepted into the short film category of the 2nd annual Fort Myers Film Festival!

The festival will take place March 21-25. Visit their website for more information. We are thrilled to be part of this great event!

Clockwise: Part 2 on Hiatus, Replica Enters Production

Hi all. We’ve been pretty quiet here lately so I thought I’d give a quick update about what’s going on at ABP.

I took another brief hiatus from production of Clockwise: Part 2 in order to help develop a live action short my friend Sam Eilertsen will be directing this spring. The short, a sci-fi noir called Replica, is set in a universe I was developing for an ambitious 40-minute machinima.

Sam was intrigued by the idea and asked if I would be interested in working with him on an 8-minute live action film set in the same world. We worked on the script together, writing and rewriting each other’s drafts, until we were finally satisfied with the result.  Now things are finally moving forward. Casting will begin soon, followed by fundraising and production. I can’t wait to see everything start coming together! More updates soon.

Replica (by Sam Eilertsen and Harrison Heller) takes place in a not-too-distant future in which humans have created a race of sentient androids. The androids (known as “grays” for their silver eyes) were built as slaves, but eventually gained equal rights with humans. However, they remain an oppressed minority. Five years after their emancipation, an assassin armed with powerful weaponry starts killing the leaders of the Android Rights Movement, and a human detective is left the job of investigating the killings. Scorned by his fellow officers for his apparent sympathy with the grays, Detective Quinlan persists and begins to uncover a dangerous secret…

Stop, Rewind Wins 3rd Place @ 2011 Bitfilm Festival

Our 2010 sci-fi/crime film, Stop, Rewind, has won 3rd place in the machinima category of the Bitfilm Festival! Congrats to the other winners as well!

Stop, Rewind release promo